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Puerto Madryn and its surroundings is well known for its vast biodiverse  of the Patagonia region. The southern right whale, arrives in the months of June to December to fulfill its reproductive cycle,  and is one of the main protagonists of this wonderful Patagonian ecosystem.

Declared a Natural Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1999, the Valdez Peninsula is a nature reserve that protects the rich flora and fauna of the Argentine Patagonia.

In addition to getting to know the whales up close on a boat trip, in the protected area of ​​the Valdez Peninsula, we will have the opportunity to visit an interpretation center and other animals that inhabit this protected area.

For lovers of the underwater world, just dive into the crystalline waters of the New Gulf to understand why this city is the diving mecca in Argentina and, as a unique experience, we can swim with sea lions, and have direct contact with these friendly animals in its natural habitat.

South of Puerto Madryn is Punta Tombo, the largest penguin colony on the Argentine coast, where, over a 3 km stretch, around 400,000 Magellanic penguins can be seen up close.

Puerto Madryn is a peaceful, safe, beautiful and very pleasant city to visit. The view of the whales and the marine fauna from its coastline is surprising. Since 2012, accessibility programs in accommodation and tourist services have been carried out, obtaining highly positive results, being one of the cities with more adapted establishments in Argentina.


Day 1

Arrival at the airport of the city of Trelew. Reception by our staff and transfer to the hotel in the city of Puerto Madryn in a private adapted vehicle. (45 minutes - 60 km away) Accommodation at the selected hotel in an adapted room. Rest of the day free.

Day 2

Breakfast served in the hotel restaurant. At the scheduled time, we will go on a full day trip to the Valdez Peninsula.

After a journey of more than an hour and almost 100 km, we will enter  one of the sites recognized by Unesco as a Natural World Heritage Site and which, due to its unique characteristics, houses a great variety of marine and terrestrial fauna rarely seen concentrated in the same place. We will make stops at the Ameghino Isthmus Interpretation Center, the Bird Island, the sea lion colony at Punta Pirámides, the Puerto Pirámides tourist village -from where the whale watching trips are made (from June to December) -, the Salinas Chica and Grande -which are among the largest depressions in America-, the coastal seals of elephant seals in Punta Delgada, Caleta Valdés and Punta Cantor, in addition to reaching the Punta Norte Lighthouse in the Orcas season. During the tour, you can see many terrestrial fauna such as guanacos, maras, foxes, armadillos and choiques. At all times, you will have the advice of our guides, expert interpreters of the Patagonian nature.

The tour takes place throughout the year, varying the itinerary and the reserves visited according to the seasonality of the fauna. It does not present difficulties.

Whale Watching: The  boat ride takes about an hour and a half. And it takes place from June to December. Warm and waterproof clothing is recommended (due to splashes and wind). The “onboard sightings” leave only from the tourist town of Puerto Pirámide. Once equipped with lifeguards and with boats adapted, and fully equipped from a security point of view, it is possible to fully enjoy this outing with guaranteed sightings.

The southern right whale is an animal that is characterized by its gentleness, its slowness and its curiosity, so  they can get close to incredibly short distances, allowing us to observe their characteristic skin covered in calluses. Occasionally they pass under the boat, make some sound, and hopefully offer us the wonderful spectacle of watching them jump or at least flap their tails.

Both adults and children can make the excursion without major difficulties. Return to the Hotel in Puerto Madryn. Accommodation.

Day 3

Breakfast served in the hotel restaurant. At the scheduled time we will leave for an excursion to Punta Tombo for the sighting of the Patagonian penguin colony. The trip takes 2.40 hours and, after traveling 175 km, we reach the protected reserve area.

You will observe the life of these animals and their usual activities, and you will find yourself experiencing their fights, screams and courtships.

Hundreds of penguin pairs with their chicks compete daily for better locations, spaces and food. With their characteristic plumage, they seem being part of some kind of theatrical show. Their black backs and white chests make up a group of terrestrial-marine fauna well characteristic of Patagonia. You will be moving among more than 400,000 penguins in Punta Tombo, with the time necessary to know their habitat and their way of life.

Our guide will accompany you during the tour where you will explain the life of the penguins, revealing details at each stage of your stay in these Patagonian lands. Penguins coexist with other seabirds that have chosen this site to nest, such as gray or southern cooking gulls, skuas or robbers,  the royal and the black necked cormorant, the steam duck, the Antarctic pigeons, and several species of terns and giant petrels. Given the extension of the area, we can also see guanacos, piches, maras, choiques, foxes, cuis and martinetas.

At the end of the tour, you can have lunch in the Reserve's cafeteria, and then we return to the city of Puerto Madryn. Accommodation.

Day 4

Breakfast. At the scheduled time, transfer to Trelew airport.


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